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GerrityStone and our team of customer service representatives will see you through your project from beginning to end. Completing your project in a professional and timely manner is our priority. We will begin your visit in the showroom and help guide you with choices on type of stone, edge detail and sink styles. Once you have made a couple of choices we will take you into the yard or the warehouse to see the material. In the event you select a natural stone with an unpredictable pattern GerrityStone gives you the option to select which part of the slab you would like to see on the finished product. Following ordering your project a gentleman will come out to digitally measure your counters, we will then fabricate the counters and return with a crew to install.



Your stone fabricator looks forward to your installation date. In advance or our arrival, please review the below checklist to ensure that you are prepared for our visit.

• A clear and safe path must be made available for our installers from the parking area into the installation area.

• Unless the stone fabricator is removing the existing countertops, all in-place countertops must be removed, and cabinets permanently installed and leveled prior to our arrival. We will not shim/level countertops more than 1⁄4” above the base cabinet elevation.

• We will not remove, adjust, or alter any cabinetry, carpentry, wood trim, or millwork. This would include any adjustments needed for the countertops to accept sinks, faucets, cooktops, or accessories.

• All plumbing, electrical, and gas must be disconnected prior to our arrival. The fabricator does not offer utility disconnect or re-connect services, including for faucets and sinks.

• Our installers will mount your undermount sink to the countertop. Our installers cannot install overmount sinks. We recommend that you wait 24 hours for the silicone sealant to cure before you connect any plumbing to the sink.

• We are responsible for adhesion and caulking of stone-to-stone joints. We are not responsible for caulking or filling of joints between stone and sheetrock or tile walls.

• Faucets and other accessories must be on-site for our installers to verify hole sizes and locations.

• Any specialized supporting elements required for the stone must be in-place prior to our arrival. This would include brackets, columns, cleats, etc.

• Please move all appliances that may impede our installers from performing their work. The installers cannot move appliances.

• Please ensure that the area where your installation will take place is clear of other trades during the time window for the installation.

• We recommend the final coat of paint be applied after the installation has been completed. We are not responsible for minor scratches to walls, paint, or panels may occur during the installation.

• Our installers will take photos of the completed project, and they will undertake a final walk-through with you prior to their leaving your installation. To confirm your acceptance of the installation, our installers will require your signature on a project completion form.

• Dishwasher brackets are provided by and installed by others.

• Having no back splash is your decision. Please be prepared for up to a 3/8" gap to allow for installation that a tile or stone back splash would typically cover.

IMPORTANT – Your presence at the installation or that of your appointed contractor/designer is required to ensure that our installers can accurately complete your project. In the event that an owner, or an authorized decision-maker is not present during the installation, we may not be able to complete your project, and a revisit fee may apply.

DISCLAIMER – Due to the nature of stone installation, there are inherent risks involved when transporting the stone by hand and settling it into its intended location. The material is extremely heavy, and the men are put in awkward positions to handle it safely. There may be instances where scrapes, chips, dings, and scratches occur unintentionally. This is a norm in construction though we do our best to avoid these situations, but in the event this happens, we do reserve the right to correct any stone issues in real time, and to the customers satisfaction.


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