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GerrityStone Quality & Technology

GerrityStone uses leading software called SlabsmithTM. This technology gives us the ability to make a digital slab from a physical slab. The material you selected can be virtually laid out and will then go on to be fabricated in our automated shop by trained technicians. If your project requires a seam the Slabsmith layout will provide the ability to piece the stone with ease and ensure you get the best of what mother nature has to provide.


1.) Seaming is a natural part of working with stone. Seams are necessary when the layout exceeds the slab size, or the flow needs to be matched. GerrityStone reserves the right to add or omit seams as they see fit or adjust the layout based on material characteristics.

2.) Please review the pre-template checklist prior to scheduling your template and install.

3.) All stones present unique natural characteristics; each is a product of nature. Gluing, repairing and/or filling are normal industry procedures to prepare your stone for household use.

4.) Most countertop materials require routine maintenance. GerrityStone is not responsible for staining as a result of improper or incomplete routine maintenance.

5.) Scribing to walls is not included in this estimate unless expressly stated.

6.) PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, APPLIANCES, FIXTURES: All plumbing and electrical work must be done by customers contractor, plumber, or electrician.

7.) Cast iron, and Farmhouse sinks require separate support NOT provided by GerrityStone.

8.) Dishwashers should be secured in accordance with specifications by dishwasher manufacturer; GerrityStone installation teams are not responsible for securing appliances. It is not recommended to attach dishwashers to the stone surface.

9.) Gaps are necessary with any wall to wall countertop installations. Especially between finish panels. MIA standards will apply. Customers are responsible for any touch up to wall, or panel surface.


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